Jane Germain showed up on the music scene in the 90's, with the release of the acclaimed debut, The Honeymoons Over
(with the Dreamers) - working with the production team of James Hewgill and Jim Fisher (who also played most instruments).
Radio tracks such as Living on the Edge, and Somebody Tell Me introduced listeners to an Australian songwriter by birth, and
Chinese by heritage who brought a self-styled vibrancy to the diverse music she whipped together - blues, folk, funk anything
else that seemed expressive and alive.

The songs she wrote and sang were about feelings old and new,and the music was inventively rhythmic as it was melodic.

Surrender took a different approach, aiming for a more rock- oriented ground with Steve Garde on guitar - and the addition
of John Reed on cittern brought a spontaneous and expressive sound without losing the influences that are so much a part of her

Jane continued to take her music in new directions without losing the influences that are so much a part of her identity.
Her compositions for Chinese Whispers emphasize free, brushstroke-like improvisations, inspired by her recent experiences
with other cultures and musicians and her life in China.
With this constant yearning to take her music beyond convention, Jane has collaborated with many internationally renown musicians,
including the Mongolian traditional folk musicians Hanggai on the track Model Young Man and Beijing er-hu (2 stringed Chinese
violin) player Yang Tian Chuan on the title track Chinese Whispers and When You Come Around Here
Jane first toured through China in 2001, introducing her songs to the Chinese people, and returned for her "Middle Kingdom Tour"
in September/October 2004. She toured the Guangdong Province in January 2006 with performances in Guangzhou and
Shenzhen, and returned in May/June 2006 to Beijing with a tour covering 16 dates.
She returned to China again in December 2006 to collaborate with her Chinese friends.

Her album, Chinese Whispers (released on MGM) further developed the ideas and emotions that have long compelled Jane.
And with her ever upbeat sense of fusion and generosity, her music continued to ignore the stylistic restrictions that can leave
pop music stale.
Chinese Whispers also features accompaniment from some of Western Australia's top musicians, including the highly acclaimed multi-
instrumentalist Ian Simpson (Paul Kelly's Stormwater Boys, Sensitive New Age Cowpersons), John Reed (Kavisha), Adam Gare
(Uncle Bill, Sensitive New Age Cowpersons), Dave Brewer (Diamond Dave & the Doodaddies, Lucky Oceans) Joe Whittle and
Ben Franz (The Waifs).

Jane Germain and Ian Simpson returned to China in 2008 for their "What Have I Got To Lose?" tour - combining blues, country,
bluegrass, swing and cultures in a sublime international mix of sounds that is making their mark on the world scene.

In February 2010, Jane Germain and Ian Simpson released their album, Lonesome Road. This recording features just the two of
them and is representative of the variety of material they play together as a duo. The album features acoustic arrangements of
original material and songs from various artists such as Delmore Brother's Freight Train Boogie and Blues Stay Away From Me,
blues classics including Tommy Johnson's Big Road Blues, and some bluegrass songs and instrumentals.

Also in 2010, Jane and Ian had the honour of representing Australia at the World Expo in China.

2011 was another great year, with Ian winning a Gold Guitar for Instrumental of the Year at Tamworth, from the album he recorded
for the ABC with John Kane, "The Banjo"

2012 was an even better year, with Jane and Ian winning the WA Country Music Award for Best Vocal Group or Duo for the fourth year
in a row!

Jane and Ian launched their album, No Fun Allowed on the 9th March 2012 at Kulcha in Fremantle, WA.
Joining them were special guests - ex Cowpersons Adam Gare and Fred Kuhnl.
Jane was very happy to receive the award for the 2016 Song of the Year at the Tasmanian Composers Festival for
Listen to What You Know (from the No Fun Allowed album)

Jane's musical career has been on hold over the past 2 years due to her battle with breast cancer, but she is now raring to go!
Audiences and performers value live music - there is a flow on effect to people's health & wellbeing from engaging with
live music as Jane has found herself - after her struggle with breast cancer,
she hopes that her music sends a message of hope and courage to other breast cancer survivors.

Jane and Ian launched their album, Home on the Hill on the 13th May 2017 at Clancys in Fremantle, WA.
Joining them on the night were special guests - the Gare-ish Gang - Adam Gare and Sophie Gare.

They then travelled to Tasmania - on the 26th May 2017 at Mountain Mumma in Sheffield,
and their official launch on the 27th May at Rosny Barn with The Cherry Tree Hillbillies - Pete Cornelius, Simon Holmes & Charlie McCarthy).
Tickets here!

Jane and Ian are very happy to announce that Home on the Hill was awarded 2018 WA Country Music Independent Album of the Year!