Our Pekin Bantams - the best pets!!
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Young Angel, Larry and Wei Wei

Young Wei Wei, Angel & Larry

Angel, Larry & Wei Wei - young

Young Wei Wei, Angel & Larry

Ian, Larry & Angel

Ian, Larry & Angel

Angel, Larry and Wei Wei - older

Wei Wei, Angel & Larry


Ian's Bantam, Littl'n

Little'n & Larry

Littl'n hiding from Larry

Little'n & Wei Wei - 9am

Littl'n & Wei Wei - 9am

Wei Wei & Larry

Wei Wei & Larry

Goodbye Larry...

Max saying goodbye to Larry.. off to Old MacDonalds Farm

Baby Angel & Lily

New babies, Angel & Lily

Angel, Lily & Wei Wei

Angel, Lily & Wei Wei

Baby Lily


Grumpy Braveheart

Ian's bantam, Braveheart - not happy



Lily, Wei Wei & Angel - screen door

Lily, Wei Wei & Angel - on the back door

Wei Wei in the tree

Wei Wei up the tree

Potted Wei Wei

Wei Wei in her favourite pot

Wei Wei & Lulu

Wei Wei & Baby Lulu

Wei Wei hypnotised

Wei Wei hypnotised

Lily swimming

Lily swimming

Angel & Ian

Ian & Angel

Angel watching TV

Angel relaxing watching TV

Protecting Wei Wei

Angel, Lulu & Lily protecting Wei Wei when she was sick


Wei Wei - so sad..

Wei Wei Passed Away.....

Shift Over!

Lily & Angel - each trying to lay an egg...

Lulu and Angel - yoghurt

Lulu & Angel love yoghurt..

Lulu watching TV

Lulu relaxing watching TV

Watching TV

All the girls watching tv - keeping warm...


The Great Rooster Chase!

 Angel Vs The Crow
Wei Wei Hides Her Egg 


New Baby Lulu

 Lulu Lays an Egg
 Lulu Leaps